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Fabco Parts, Cushman Transfer Case Parts and Steerable Drive Axle Parts Supply.

We offer wholesale, Fabco Meritor parts, rebuilt units, overhaul & rebuild kits, bearing kits, seals and kits, input shafts, output shafts, housings, cases, overhaul kits, gears and all Fabco drive axle parts & repair parts. Comprehensive Fabco transfer case, drive axle, differential and PTO rebuilding services and repairs. Wholesale priced new Fabco transfer cases and PTO attachments, good used Fabco units and a full line of rebuilt Fabco and Cushman transfer cases and PTOs. Free Fabco transfer-case, axle, differential and PTO parts manuals & service manual downloads.

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Free Manual Downloads: Fabco transfer case parts manuals, and transfer case service manuals, Fabco PTO parts manuals and PTO service manuals, Fabco axle parts manuals and Fabco axle service manuals from the Fabco parts warehouse.

Fabco Transfer Case Parts for single & two 2 speed Fabco transfercase models: TC-38, TC-200, TC-237, TC-270, TC-142, TC-1702, TC-170, TC-170-23 and TC-143.

Fabco PTO Parts for: PTO TC170, PTO TC170 23, PTO TC175, PTO TC 175 23 and PTO TC180.

Fabco Axle Parts for:
Steerable Drive Axle Parts: FSD-8A, FSD-10A, FSD-12A, FSD-14A, SDA-1800, SDA-2100, SDA-1600 and SDA-2300.
Hub Reduction Steerable Parts: FSDP-09-S, FSDP-10-S, FS2P-20-S, FSDP-14-G, FS2P-28-G and FS3P-42-G.
Hub Reduction Rigid Parts: FRDP-10, FR2P-20, FRDP-13, FR2P-26, FR3P-39, FRDP-14, FR2P-28, FRDP-16, FR2P-32, FR3P-48, FRDP-20 and FR2P-41.
Steerable Non Drive Parts: FSND-08 and FSND-12-G.
Low Speed Rigid Parts: SRDP-14-S, SRDP-30-S and SRDP-30-W.
Low Speed Non Drive Steer Parts: SSND-10-S and SSND-16-G.
Low Speed Steerable Parts: SSDP-12-S, SSDP-12-W and SSDP-18-G.

We also stock Fabco transfer cases in: Two speed, four shaft and single speed, three shaft units, featuring a de-clutch mechanism for front axle and under-drive engagement operations.

Fabco PTOs, split shaft Power Take-Off are available in 16 and 23 inch nominal shaft centers and feature helical drive gearing, tapered roller bearings, external de-clutches and lubricated pumps.

We stock all Fabco repair parts: overhaul kits, seals, bearings, service kits, gears, shafts, housings, drive axle parts.

We also buy closeout and overstock Fabco Parts. The Fabco parts and equipment supply buys from auctions and defunct businesses and passes the savings along to you.

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